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Nursing education research focuses on how students learn the professional practice and discipline of nursing as well as how to improve educational strategies to prepare clinicians and scientists”. Multiple national and professional organizations, including the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists. Nursing research provides a body of knowledge that helps advance nursing practice. The findings of such scientific inquiry may also help shape health policy and contribute to global healthcare.

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Health care can be defined as the discipline that is concerned with the provision and delivery of health services. To the patient population by the help of personnel, professional and allied health occupations. 
Even though now days there are many researches going on Health Care. These Researches is practiced on the basics of Biosafety and Integrity guidelines and regulations under the experiences team. Some of the recent researches are given below: 
1. Research on Genomic, morphological and functional characterization of novel bacteriophage.
2. Research on Perceived injustice after spinal cord injury.
3. Research on Effects of Relaxing Music on Healthy Sleep.

Patient safety is a critical component of health care and is defined as a patient's freedom from harm. The provision of health care can cause unneeded or prospective harm. Along with accessibility, acceptability, efficacy, efficiency, and people centeredness, patient safety is one of the quality of care characteristics. It encompasses a variety of factors that are critical to providing high-quality health care. It's true.
It is about injection safety, blood safety, pharmaceutical safety, and safe surgical care and childbirth. Medical equipment safety, as well as organ, tissue, and cell transit and donation, are all important considerations. It's also about biomedical research. Waste management, infection prevention in healthcare settings, and much more. Failure to deliver a safe product care is attributed to unsafe clinical practices, unsafe processes and poor systems and processes.
Patient safety is becoming more widely acknowledged as a worldwide concern, with WHO Member States agreeing on a World Health Assembly resolution on patient safety in 2002. Patient safety and quality of care have become increasingly important aspects of Universal Health Coverage in recent years (UHC). As a result, patient safety policies and interventions cannot be considered stand-alone efforts or implemented in isolation. They must be in line with overall health objectives, rooted in broader policies, and integrated into existing initiatives.

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Nursing is a health-care profession that focuses on assisting individuals, families, and communities in achieving, maintaining, or regaining optimal health and quality of life. With their approach toward patient care, training, and scope of work, nurses are distinct from other health care providers. Nurses work in a variety of specialisations and have varying amounts of prescription power. Many nurses provide care within the scope of physicians' practise, and this role has moulded the community's perception of nurses as caregivers. Many established strategies and provider responsibilities are shifting as nurse education shifts toward advanced and specialised identifications. Nurses are responsible for the ongoing care of sick people and want to assess their health and assist them in making a full recovery.
A nurse's primary responsibilities include:
1. Promote health and disease prevention
2. Participate in healthcare education
3. Collaborate with other members of the team to provide healthcare.


Nursing is a dynamic field that evolves over time. We must make creative advances, such as improving outpatient treatment, emphasizing ethnic gains, improving health and patient experience, and expanding data analysis skills among nurses to accept new challenges and advance their profession. Innovative ideas and intelligence have recently compelled all industries to lead the way in creating modern technical software and systems in the healthcare industry.

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Specialist nurses in critical and intensive care nursing are encouraged to deliver superior care to critically sick patients. Intensive treatment Nursing focuses on giving the best possible care to critically ill or unstable patients who have undergone serious injuries, surgery, or are suffering from life-threatening diseases. Critically sick patients who require endotracheal intubation, titratable vasoactive intravenous medicine, or mechanical breathing are often cared for by these healthcare experts.

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Midwifery is a health profession that focuses on the sexual and reproductive health of women throughout their lives, including pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period (including new-born care). Midwives were typically mothers who became midwives after seeing the births of their neighbours or relatives. The practise of midwifery is strongly ingrained in culture all across the world, and specific standards and education for midwives vary by country.
1. Midwives mental health 
2. Pregnancy risk factors
3. Postpartum depression 
4. Maternal mortality


From puberty to menopause and beyond, gynaecology nursing treats diseases and disorders of the reproductive organs, including the uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, ovaries, and vagina. Because the intestine, bladder, and urine system are all linked to the female reproductive system, a gynaecology nurse can also help with these issues. GN's also treat yeast and bacterial infections, painful intercourse, irregular and unpleasant menstruation, and other disorders associated with menopause that necessitate surgery.
• Obstetrics Nursing:
Obstetrical nurses provide prenatal care and testing, as well as care for pregnant patients with problems, throughout labour and delivery, and afterward. Obstetrical nurses collaborate with obstetricians, midwives, and other nurse practitioners to provide care to pregnant women. Post-operative care, cardiac monitoring, stress test evaluations, vascular monitoring, and health assessments are all performed by obstetrical nurses in the surgical unit. They have specialised skills in neonatal resuscitation, electronic foetal monitoring, no stress diagnostics, and continuous intravenous medicine administration.

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Important Nursing and Healthcare Meetings 2024, Europe

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Pediatric nursing is a branch of nursing that focuses on children's health and medical care from birth to adolescence. This is an important area because, due to the growth and development that occurs during childhood, children's health differs from that of adults. Pediatric nurses usually work in a multidisciplinary team with other health professionals to provide the best medical care for children. They play an important role in keeping track of the health of young patients and giving care and support during their treatment.   
1. Child Neurology Nurses
2. Neonatal Nursing
3. Pediatric Oncology Nursing
4. Infant Nursing


A clinical researchers and nurse, often called a clinical nurse and research specialist, is a highly qualified nursing leader who specialises in one area of practise. Clinical nurses provide support to other nurses and encourage health-care innovation in their companies and communities. In some areas, clinical nurse specialists can order tests, perform some diagnostic tests, give basic treatments, and write prescriptions. They may also offer advice and assistance to a group of nurses. They frequently contribute to the formulation of organisational practise changes and plans in order to ensure that the group is using best practises and providing evidence-based care. CNSs are trained to spot shortcomings or gaps in health-care services. They may provide consultations, interact with patients and their families, track therapy, develop and implement treatments, and evaluate overall health-care delivery.

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Nursing informatics, a 21st-century science, attempts to improve the quality, safety, and effectiveness of health care with significant potential. Nursing informatics provides a fantastic opportunity for nursing staff to realise the full potential of organised and well-managed data.
In nursing practise, nursing informatics combines nursing science, computing, and knowledge to manage and transmit data, information, knowledge, and insight. Because of fast changing technical breakthroughs, informatics has gradually become a part of our profession. Healthcare systems are quickly integrating technology into daily practise. While achieving the goal of transforming data into useful knowledge, security and patient privacy must be maintained. Integrating informatics and evidence-based practise will only help us improve the care we provide to our patients.


Oncology is based on the study of cancer. An oncologist is doctor who treats cancer as well as provided the medical care for a person who has been diagnosed with cancer. Basically in the field of oncology there are three major areas such as medical, surgical and radiation. The nurse registered for oncology is who cares for as well as educates patients who have cancer. Oncology nurses always works in a multi-disciplinary team, in different variety of settings that constitute from the inpatient ward, to the bone marrow transplant unit, through a community channel.

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In cardiovascular nursing the register nurses are appointed for providing care to the people having diseases related to heart and blood vessels. Nurses in this nursing are among the foremost sought after health care professions cardiovascular nurse offers a wide range of service in multiple ranges and also they work in the hospital
They are available for caring patient of different age’s groups. Some of the cardio nurses are specialized in the care of new-born as well children Patent suffer from diseases such as genetic malformations, myocardial infractions and the vascular diseases can be assessed planned, implemented and can also be evaluate these health care.

These are registered nurses with specialized training in breast care. They are available to discuss any clinical issues arising before and after surgical or oncological treatments. 
Breast cancer nurse provide psychological support to the patient throughout the diagnostic and treatment process. Involve the patient in planning and treatment. Describe surgical procedures to alleviate fear. Prepare the patient for the effects of chemotherapy, and plan ahead for alopecia, fatigue.


Occupational health nursing provides workers, worker populations, and community groups with health and safety programmes and services. They concentrate on advances, health maintenance and recovery, disease and injury prevention, and protection from work-related and environmental dangers. 
It analyses and assesses the health state of employees and performs to maintain the highest level of well-being of the workforce. Occupational health nurses integrate knowledge of health and business to balance safe and healthy work environments.


In public health nursing the public health nurses take care for total population. As they work with total communities , public health nurses are able to teach people about  the health issues, how to improve community health and safety and increase access to care. They believe a person's health is basically affected by factors such as the genetic makeup, lifestyle and environment.
As, Nurses go into communities to help people as to improve their health and prevent from disease. Public health nurses also provide direct health care services, a good preventive care, screening services and health education.
Even though Health education is a major focus of these nurses. Since Public health nurses give people a trustworthy, the useful information about their health protection.  Their main objective is to make a brief idea about health info and how people can take better control over their health.

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Telemedicine is related to health care use of telecommunication as well as information technology to provide clinical health care from a distance.  Use to telemedicine has overcome distance barriers and to improved access to medical services that is not consistently available in distant rural communities. Sometimes it also saves the lives in the critical care and emergency situation.
E-Health is defined as an integrative field that uses health information technology  as to improve health care through any combination of higher quality, higher efficiency as well as new opportunities. 
Even though Improvement of Digital health is also leading to a union of people that collects the information that leads to the technology and health outcomes. 

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Psychiatric Nursing: Psychiatric nursing is a specialty of nursing that focuses on helping people who have mental illnesses recover and improve their quality of life.
Mental Health Nursing: Patients with mental illnesses receive mental health nursing care to help them recover and improve their quality of life. Anxiety disorders, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and phobias are among the disorders treated by these nurses.
1. Mood illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, and others
2. Personality problems
3. PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)

Ethics are the moralistic principles that are used to govern a group or person’s behaviour, who are derived from the ethos of that group. Basically medical ethics is based on different set of values through which professionals can refer to in the case of any confusion or conflict.
1. Autonomy
2. Non-maleficence
3. Beneficence
4. Justice


Dental nursing can provide you with a plethora of rewards and challenges, in addition to helping people and making communities healthier places. Studying dental nursing as part of an apprenticeship will allow you to learn and gain a nationally recognised and GDC approved qualification.
The role of a dental nurse is to work alongside and assist dentist, therapists and hygienists in the care of patients. It is a varied job and can include everything from supporting with routine checkups to advanced specialist treatments.


Palliative care provides symptom relief, comfort and support to people living with serious illnesses like heart disease, cancer or chronic respiratory disease. Its benefits extend to caretakers, too. If you’re living with a life-altering illness, palliative care may be available to improve your health and overall well-being.

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